GRAMPS 2.0.9rc-1

November 28, 2005

GRAMPS 2.0.9 rc1 (Unstable) is now available. GRAMPS is a GNOME genealogy program for Linux and FreeBSD that allows you to easily build and keep track of your family tree.

Nothing is yet known about this release, other than it’s Release Candidate 1 for GRAMPS 2.0.9.

You can download it here –

GedWise 6.3 Beta for Linux and Mac (Palm/PDA)

November 27, 2005

GedWise (PalmOS) 6.3 beta, from Battery Park Software has been released for both the Linux and Mac OS X Operating Systems. It’s a genealogy application for Palm OS PDAs (running Palm OS 3.3 or higher and with 512k memory). There has been a previous version for Linux in the past, but this is the first for Mac OS X.

Linux Requirements:
* Red Hat 9 or higher, Fedora Core 3 or higher, SUSE 9.1 or higher) on an i386 computer running X11.
* Other RPM based Linux distributions may work provided you have Linux Kernel Version 2.6 or higher and X11.

Mac Requirements: Mac OS X.


Brother’s Keeper 6.2.11

November 26, 2005

Version 6.2.11 of Brother’s Keeper, a genealogy application for Windows, is now available. Brother’s Keeper requires Windows 95 and up (including NT). This is a free update for existing Brother’s Keeper 6x users. This update adds several new features, as well as some fixes.

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