Family Historian Version 3.0

Note: We were mistaken, it will not be available until late March of 2006.

Family Historian v3.0 from Calico Pie, LTD, is officially available. This is a major revision to the Family Historian line. Family Historian is a Windows-based genealogy application oriented towards how you see and work with your genealogy data: Family Historian is a new kind of family tree program with a new and different design philosophy. …Family Historian was designed to be as easy to use as we could make it, while not compromising on the functionality we offered. We have tried to keep its look and feel as close as possible to the evolving standard used in Windows today….In designing Family Historian, our goal was to go much further than any family tree application had done up to then, in finding ways to allow users to see their data, and to work with data visually and graphically.

Among the highlights in Version 3.0:
* Website Creation, with extensive control over the website
* Internet search features
* ‘Smart Trees’ that automatically adjust themselves for when data is added or removed
* A new method of branch dragging relative to a ‘fixed point’ makes it easy to move entire branches apart or together. The same technique can used to move spouses and siblings together or further apart.
* A new Everyone Diagram has been added which shows everyone in your family tree file, and all of their relationships.

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