Ancestral Author 2.4s

Ancestral Author 2.4s has been released. Ancestral Author is a Windows program that constructs hyperlinked Adobe Acrobat PDF files from GEDCOM files, text files, images, and other user inputs. It is very simple to use, and creates high quality documents that can be printed, emailed, published on the internet, or sent to a service bureau for conversion into a bound book.


    * Support for lowercase Dutch surname prefixes (van, van der, etc) has been added.
    * Ancestor (Ahnentafel) Reports are now supported.
    * Support has been added for family census records.
    * The page limit has been increased from 5000 to 12000.
    * The maximum number of generations has been increased from 128 to 512.
    * On Windows/XP, images are visible in the browse dialog. This is particularly handy when you’re browsing for title page graphics, or when you’re importing pictures.
    * “< Begin" and "End >” buttons have been added to jump quickly to the beginning or end of a long script.
    * Education records (GEDCOM EDUC tag) are now output to the PDF file.
    * Christening records (GEDCOM CHR tag) are now output to the PDF file.
    * Reference numbers (GEDCOM REFN tag) can now be output to the PDF file. Press the OPTIONS button, then choose the Reference Number tab.
    * Added support for Family Tree Maker v11.0 style source citations.
    * Added support for GEDCOM ‘date phrases’; i.e.dates that don’t strictly match the GEDCOM spec, and are enclosed in parenthesis. These are output by FamilyHistorian.
    * The default keywords for ‘born’, ‘buried’, and ‘died’ have been changed from ‘b.’, ‘bur.’, and ‘d.’ to ‘born’, ‘buried’, and ‘died’. If you prefer the old abbreviations, you can send an email to, and we will help you revert back to the old forms.

More from the developer’s site:

Ancestral Author guides you through the process of creating fully hyperlinked documents, with title page, table of contents, name index, source citations, outline view, chapter and section headings. It extracts NEHGS style register reports automatically from GEDCOM files, producing genealogical reports that can be viewed on any computer – MACs, PCs, Linux machines, etc.

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