Ancestral Author 2.5

January 27, 2006

Ancestral Author 2.5 is available for download.. Ancestral Author is a Windows program that constructs hyperlinked Adobe Acrobat PDF files from GEDCOM files, text files, images, and other user inputs. It is very simple to use, and creates high quality documents that can be printed, emailed, published on the internet, or sent to a service bureau for conversion into a bound book. Version 2.5 added several new features.

What’s New
* Ability to choose alternate page sizes (LEGAL, LETTER, A4, A5, A6, B4, B5).
* Support for single column name index as an alternative to the double column name index that is currently supported.
* Support for divorce records (GEDCOM DIV tag).
* Added “FILE SAVE” operations. To access the “FILE SAVE” pop-up menu, right click on the AA starting dialog.
* Added support for Title, Byline, and Header wrapping. It is no longer necessary to use forward slashes (/) to force multiline headings. If no forward slashes are present, AA will automatically wrap the headings to fit on the page.



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