Behold 0.91 alpha

March 20, 2005

A new genealogy program, Behold Version 0.91 alpha from Louis Kessler, is making its public debut. This marks it’s first public release.

From the developer’s website:

Behold is a tool you’ll want for genealogy that allows you to work with and make use of all the family tree information you have gathered.

Behold will help you get and stay organized, and will be of invaluable help to you when you do your research.

Become efficient. Be organized. Save time. Research easier.



    * Add registration code processing.
    * Develop the Installation and Uninstall programs.
    * Finalize the Behold License Agreement.
    * Create the initial Readme file for Behold.
    * Set up the Behold Product pages in my Plimus account.
    * Customize the e-mail messages that follow product registration.
    * Include several sample GEDCOM files.
    * Add the Good Ideas box at startup.


    * Create Version History page.
    * Create Future Plans page. Rarely found in Genealogy Programs
    * Replace “How Far Along is Behold” with “What will Behold do for you” on the Behold Home Page.
    * Streamline Headers of all pages and moved quotes to Home Page
    * Build an online key generator Plimus can access.
    * Set up the Buy Now page.
    * Develop template for the Behold Newsletter.
    * Overhaul the website appearance to match the Newsletter and Help File.
    * Develop the basic outline for the Behold Newsletter.
    * Install e-mailer software.
    * Set up program to gather user registration info from Plimus.
    * Set up the Download page with registration form and mailing of license key.


    * Write up the Introduction to Behold and Genealogy section.
    * Create the Help topics for the About box.
    * Create the “Quick Start” Help topic.


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