Behold Version 0.98 alpha (07 Dec 2005)

Louis Kessler has released a new alpha of Behold – this update takes it up to version 0.98 Alpha (07 Dec 2005). Behold is a Windows-based genealogy program that is different from all the others, that allows you to easily see, work with, and use all the family tree information you have gathered.

It can be downloaded here.

What’s New:
* Include the capability to display custom top-level structures that some programs define and the references to them.
* Display GEDCOMs encoded with a UTF character set so that characters display correctly.
* Implement Character Sets for Default, ANSI Standard, Eastern European, Cyrillic, Greek, Turkish, Baltic, Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Chinese PRC, Chinese Taiwan, Vietnamese, OEM, Mac and Symbol.
* Allow user selection of the Character Set to display and save this with the Behold file.
* Allow the font size to be selected and add a menu item for this.


* Change the default of the RM and EE buttons to “selected” when opening a new GEDCOM files.
* Change the section name of “Families that are Not Directly Related” to “Everyone Else”.
* Change the section names of “Everyone Else” to “There is No One Else” and of “Others Related Through Marriage” to “There are No Others Related Through Marriage” when those sections are empty.
* Display “Everyone” rather than “Everyone Else” when no families and only the Everyone section is selected.
* Display the name of the GEDCOM file in headings and subheading only if more than one GEDCOM file is loaded.
* Add lines in the log file to indicate which files are being processed, or which are ignored when unselected.
* Change the ANSEL input so that it can also use the Character Set selection feature.
* Correctly display ANSEL combination characters that are split across lines via CONC tags in the GEDCOM file.

* Bypass the access violation caused in the Others Related through Marriage section when it contains a group without any descendants.
* Bypass the access violation caused by single direction links between INDI and FAM records.
* Abbreviate long pathnames in the recent file list that can prevent the dropdown of the open files icon from appearing..
* Ensure that following the input of a Behold file the RM and EE buttons get set as defined in the Behold file.
* Move the GEDCOM name from the Ancestral Surname title line to the Descendant’s subtitle line when Surname Order is selected, since one ancestral surname may be in more than one GEDCOM. The same applies to Relatives Through Marriage and Everything Else.
* Ensure that no people, places or structures are included from GEDCOMs not selected on the GEDCOMs tab in the Organize Window.
* Ensure that the Behold Box resizes properly under any display DPI and font size setting.

* Remove the empty “Tools” selection from the Menu. It will be included in Version 1.1 when the Options are added.

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