Behold Version 0.98.3 alpha, 05 Mar 2006

Over the weekened, Louis Kessler released Behold version 0.98.3 alpha (5 Mar 2006). This is quite a major release for Behold. Behold is a Windows-based genealogy program that is different from all the others, that allows you to easily see, work with, and use all the family tree information you have gathered.

It can be downloaded here.

* Redesign the data structure to include all linking information between events, people and families. This now handles any INDI and FAM custom structures such as WITN (Witness) tags.

* Extend TYPE tags to work with all event Tags rather than just EVEN and FACT Tags.
* Change the default Tag text to GEDCOM 5.1.1 descriptions. This changes the text from past-tense verbs (e.g. “Born” and “Married”) to nouns (e.g. “Birth” and “Marriage”) and improved readability in the cross-reference sections.
* Add the rest of the GEDCOM 5.1.1 Tags (about 30 new Tags). Now all GEDCOM tags have default values.
* Display alternate names (extra NAME Tags) for a person. Include these alternative names in the Name Index.
* Display subordinate data and sources that are attached to a person’s preferred name.
* Change prefix of Behold’s custom tags from “=” to “~” so they would display last in the Tags list.
* Standardize the display of linking information for forward and reverse tag definitions.

* Get rid of the dashes that were inadvertently added into the Tree View section names in version 0.98 alpha.
* Handle GEDCOM FAM records that do not have neither a HUSB nor a WIFE tag. PhpGedView can produce such structures when parents are unknown.
* Include the complete line, not just the first word of the EVEN (Event) Tag when displayed subordinate to its TYPE tag.

* Integrate code signing into Behold to assure during installation that the program is exactly as I released it and has not been modified by any third party.

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