Brother’s Keeper 6.2.11

November 26, 2005

Version 6.2.11 of Brother’s Keeper, a genealogy application for Windows, is now available. Brother’s Keeper requires Windows 95 and up (including NT). This is a free update for existing Brother’s Keeper 6x users. This update adds several new features, as well as some fixes.


* Button to print one label from the address tab on Edit (looks for DYMO printer, but may work for other printers also).
* Descendant Report, Group Sheet, Book reports option to change name to ‘Living’ (for translators, it is workfile line 4683.)
* Register Book, option for children names in all small caps . 2 points smaller upper case.
* Program can show .gif images.

* If you do a Word Search for Person or for Any Field, it will also search the Sort Name field.
* Register Book says ‘Generation Two’ instead of ‘Second Generation’ and prints it in italic not bold.

* In the note text box on the Todo tab, the menu item Edit, Cut was not working (it kept saiding ‘click edit button above text’).
* Custom print, field 67 for spouse last name first, if you also picked 99 it was only doing first spouse last name first and the rest were regular.


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