Brother’s Keeper 6.2.9

Brother’s Keeper 6.2.9 is now available for download. This is a free upgrade for existing BK 6.x users. Brother’s Keeper is a genealogy program for Windows.

* Gedcom export now includes the date of last change for each person.
* When making a Book report with pictures and exporting to an RTF file for Word, the name of the picture is not included in the text box because sometimes it would show below the picture.
* Made some changes for NGSQ option for Register report. It now puts the generation number of each descendant after the given names, and also after the given names of the first child of each descendant. And there is an option to turn off the register number that is before the names in the Lineage section (after each descendant).

* Fixed a problem when using the Ref Number report and selecting Paragraph for the field and exporting to RTF file.

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