Introducing Genmod (Genmod 1.0 Beta 2)

Genmod 1.0 Beta 2 – Genmod, which provides “users with a graphical interface to maintain and display their genealogy data through a web interface” is a program we’ve not mentioned before, and it’s nearing a full 1.0 release. It’s an open source web-based genealogy application that uses MySQL, PHP, Javascript, and CSS.

Genmod Discussion Forums – two posts you should read about what Genmod will be and what the goals are, here and here

PhpGedView 4.0 beta 6

The beta for PhpGedView has received its sixth and potentially final release. PhpGedView is an online genealogy program that utilizes PHP, MySQL, etc., in order to allow collaboration between multiple people over the internet. You can edit all of the information available, as well as add to it, you can create privacy restrictions (logins required, information of living individuals restricted, etc.). It doesn’t look like anything was changed, just bug fixes and final packaging to test before the Final Release of PhpGedView 4.0. You can download and test it here.

Introducing webPAF

A new web-based genealogy application has popped up – it uses Mason, Perl, Apache, and Linux, however access is via a web browser, therefore any Operating System can be used to collaborate. We have very little other information at this time, other than it’s being actively developed.