Second Site v1.9 (build 4)

November 2, 2005

Second Site 1.9 has been updated to Build 4. This is a maintenance release, with a few fixes, and some new additions. Second Site is a utility that allows you to control how data from The Master Genealogist is published in HTML format (whether it’s for the web or for CD or DVD-ROMs).

* Memo.Suppress Relationship Memo property
* Support for source citations for children entries in the family section
* User-Contributed Formats page

* Tab character handling; tab characters are now ignored if they appear within the [HTML:] and [:HTML] codes

Information for Theme and Format Authors
* Added support for relationship memos to all Formats; see the $memo variable used in the children loop
* Changed the site.sss file for the Generic Graphics Theme to fix the missing parameters problem described above
* Changed all Formats to support citation references for children entries

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Second Site Version 1.9 (Build 2)

September 26, 2005

Second Site Version 1.9 (Build 2) has been released by John Cardinal. Second Site allows you to publish your genealogy data generated by The Master Genealogist on the web. This is a free upgrade for existing users. For information about new features contained within Version 1.9, please see the Second Site Newsletter #22.

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Second Site Newsletter #23

September 26, 2005

The Second Site Newsletter #23 has been published. This concerns information about Second Site Version 1.9 (Build 2).

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