Family Historian 3.1.2

Family HistorianFamily Historian 3.1.2 was released last month. Family Historian is a Windows genealogy application, and is available in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. A download purchase may allow you to buy it in other countries.

What’s New:
* You can now specify the size of margin to leave around diagrams when saving a whole diagram in Enhanced Metafile Format (EMF). Also, the problems that some users experienced when saving diagrams in Enhanced Metafile Format have now been fixed.

* Now, if you have Windows XP or later, you can access the contents of Family Historian’s backup (zip) files using Windows Explorer.

Note: It is highly recommended that Version 3 users upgrade, as well as 3.0 users are especially recommended, due to numerous enhancements since the original 3.0 release.

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