Family Tree Maker 2006

Family Tree Maker 2006 is now officially for sale (it doesn’t ship until August 15th) for $29.99. This is a major upgrade over previous versions. Among the new features: Better searching and mergin functions, ability for tighter integration with related source records on, better source management, better data entry, new charting features, and the ability to backup your data to Family Tree Maker servers (free for first three months).

Requires: Windows 98/ME/XP (Safe to assume Windows 2000 would run it) and Internet Explorer 6.0.

New Features:

Enjoy improved searching and merging

    Change web-search criteria in various ways without ever changing your data in Family Tree Maker®. Merge records and images with any individual in your records and edit citation information before merging. Another helpful addition: all records stored in Family Tree Maker® 2006 can now be linked directly to the related source records on

Manage sources better than ever before

    View all the sources associated with a single fact or person in the new , Source Usage Report. Easily connect a single citation to multiple facts with the new Copy and Paste feature. You can also quickly identify and replace duplicate master sources without losing any information.

Streamline your data entry

    The new and improved Edit Individual box simplifies the process of entering basic information about a person from the Pedigree view. It also makes it easier for you to see related sources for that person. And now you can enter four times as many notes in the Notes field – up to 1MB of text.

Easily create a variety of colorful charts and reports

    Use the new Charting CompanionTM for Family Tree Maker® to view, customize, print and publish generations of your family tree. Choose from a variety of formats and more than 16 million color options.

Make sure you never lose your family history

    Protect your Family Tree Maker® data against computer failure by storing your own private backup copy on our secure servers. Store up to 3GB in a password-protected online location only you can access. This storage space is free to you for the first three months.

Family Facts and Research Tips

    Get interesting and helpful research information about your family surname – see where your ancestors are likely to have originated, the meaning of their names, where they lived, their most likely occupations and more. FTM will also provide with you tips on which records to search for more information.

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