FamTree 4.42 (Release 1)

FamTree 4.42 (Release 1) is now available.

Famtree v4.40 and 4.41 included 16 new or updated facilities, including

    * Save your data as a complete web site
    * Print Preview facility for all charts, trees, and listings
    * Option to Save your file, hiding the details of living persons
    * View all individuals and family groups by scrolling through the file.
    * Details of individuals now savable as html files.
    * Up to three photographs per individual can now be linked.
    * Can now explicitly differentiate between married and unmarried relationships

Famtree v4.42 enhances these facilities with the following :

    * Display, Print, and Save a complete list of any individual’s relatives
    * Wide Family Group Display enhanced by including relatives’ partners and relatives of the subject’s partner(s).
    * Differentiation between married and unmarried partnerships in the displays now made simpler (if needed)
    * Data entry for marriages and divorces now improved
    * Previews of photos now display in proper proportion

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