Genbox 3.6.0

Genbox Family History 3.6.0 is now available. Genbox is a Windows genealogy program that will help you organize your research, store your data, enter proper source citations, and produce professional-quality charts and reports that you can preview and modify, then print or publish on the web.

* Adds more support for international versions. In addition to English (U.S.) and English (U.K.), translations have been added for Danish, German, and Polish. Progress is underway on over a dozen other languages.

* Charts and reports have been enhanced. Multiple check lists were added to provide finer control over content. Male-only lines can now be charted. Default chart style sets now include “Male/Female”, and styles specific to particular event types. Improvements were also made to chart editing.

* The Individuals Summary display now includes the “subject” of secondary event types, such as witnesses as children.

* Icons throughout the system have been updated. A set of icons useful on charts has also been added to the installation.

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