Genbox Family History 3.6.2

December 4, 2005

Genbox Family History has been updated to version 3.6.2. Genbox is a Windows genealogy applications that offers you all the tools, with all the power and flexibility, that you have been wishing for in a genealogy program. Charts, reports, search, media, full sourcing capabilities, and much more..

Update Summary
* This version contains improvements to data entry, templates, estimated dates, and charts.
* The Database Selection Dialog offers easier startup options, including access to a “sample” database.
* Translations for Slovenian have been added, and translations have been updated for Danish, German, and Polish.
* A large number of problems have also been corrected.

This is actually a fairly large update, and you can read the full list here (

You can download the udpate from Genbox’s download page.


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