GenealogyJ 2.3.2

GenealogyJ has been updated to version 2.3.2. This is mainly a maintenance release. GenealogyJ (GenJ in short) is a full-featured standalone Java application that can handle all of your genealogic information (GEDCOM compliant). It provides different graphical components for working on your Family Tree.

Official Site and SourceForge.Net Project Page


    * Fixed bug using ‘standard’ EditView mode and editing Fams
    * Made GedcomReader more lenient on read
    * Added Almanac for Timeline

This is a minor release fixing an important bug and containing slight adjustments. Files are:

    *app – the application (the minimum you need)
    applet – the applet (optional)
    de – german resources (optional)
    en – english resources (optional, included in app)
    fr – french resources (optional)
    es – spanish resources (optional)
    nl – dutch resources (optional)
    hu – hungarian resources (optional)
    pt_BR – portuguese resources (optional)
    *help_en – english help (optional)
    help_fr – french help (optional)
    help_de – german help (optional)
    help_es – spanish help (optional)
    lnf – look&feel support package (optional)
    win – windows installer (all you need on windows, double-click installs GenJ)

Create a base-directory for GenJ – every file you choose
from above has to be unzipped into that same directory
while preserving directory structure (* marks files for a
basic setup).

To start GenJ execute one of the ‘run’-scripts included in
the distribution (depending on the OS you’re using).

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