is now online. We had a lot of genealogy software information that wasn’t exactly news-related, and we started to place it online here, but it detracted from the “current news” aspect of the site. will have information on genealogy software from Legacy version 6 for Windows, that comes out next month (Sep 2005), all the way back to genealogy software that ran on the Commodore 64, and anything and everything in between (you may or may not be surprised that there are people looking for information on older software, either because they inherited an old computer or perhaps they came across some old floppy disks).

Understand that it’s very minimal right now, and we hesitated in putting it online this early, but then again it may never be finished – there will always be some piece of software out there that we haven’t come across, that somebody will email us about.

We will be putting up forums on as well, for those who want to discuss genealogy software (even it’s software that’s been out of print for 15 years!).

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