GenoPro 2.0 Beta 14b

GenoPro 2.0 Beta 14b has been released. To try this beta, you can request a 30-trial key by supplying a valid e-mail addres. If you use GenoPro 1.9x and below, the GenoPro 2.0 betas reside in different directories, so you can have both installed at the same time.

GenoPro is a software to draw family trees. Among all the family tree software, GenoPro is the simplest to learn and easiest to use…

GenoPro is capable to draw any type of family tree, including the most complicated family difficult to “picture”. Once you have finished your family tree, you can save your family tree in a metafile to insert in Word, PowerPoint or any other Windows software. A metafile is a picture with a transparent background capable to be scaled to any size without quality loss. You can use GenoPro to create a huge poster of your family tree.

To give you a better idea of what GenoPro does, please see the samples.

Release Notes and Future Plans

Release Notes:

    * Beta 14b: Emergency update to fix crashing bug in the AutoArrange when there are internal hyperlinks.
    – Fixed a crashing bug when generating a report with the privacy filter enabled.
    – Fixed problem where a non-existent password was asked to open a .gno file.
    – Merged Ron’s code to the HTML templates.
    – No major feature has been added to Beta 14b. All features under development has been temporary disabled to release this beta ASAP.
    * Beta 14a:This beta has many improvements, mostly on the report generator. One of the biggest improvement is the support for narrative phrases built-in from the language dictionary. The entire English Narrative Report has been re-written.
    * This beta has a privacy filter to remove unwanted information from the report. The privacy filter can erase a name, date of birth, contact information, a picture or an entire individual or family. The privacy filter is an important tool to protect your data.
    * Password protection. You can set a password for your document.
    * Many improvements such as better picture caching, more robust Gedcom import, a new list of industry sector and more.
    * This beta has a registration dialog and require a key. You can get a free 30-day evaluation key by supplying a valid email address.

Future Plans:

    * Beta15: Legend and more options to the Text Label.
    – Add options such as fonts, more parameters to display text labels.
    * Beta16: Complete the dialogs for Address, Contact, Occupancy, Tasks, Events and a few more.
    – Modify routines to parse and format dates & time according to the user preferences in the control panel. At the moment, only a date can be entered, but not the time. The current date format is always dd-mmm-yyyy in English. The new version will support any date format supported by Windows.
    * Update the documentation in the HTML help. Of course, also update the website

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