GenoPro Version 2.0 Beta (2.b15)

GenoPro version 2.0 Beta (2.b15) has been released. GenoPro is a Windows genealogy program oriented towards graphically representing your family (charts, reports, etc.). This release contains several new additions as well as fixes – some of the changes involve very detailed descriptions of relationships and personal lives, such as social relationships – those who had some kind of relationship that wasn’t a normal family/genealogy relationship, such as a neighbor or fellow church or club member. These could potentially be very interesting, allowing you to more easily connect how couples met, etc.

You can download the beta here (

* Beta 15: Improvement to the report generator including the SVG report generation.
* New skin to write the GenoMaps on disk in the metafile (.emf) format.
* New social entities such as a school, church, club, committee, council, advisory group, organization, partnership, business or corporation.
* New social relationships such as neighbor, babysitter, member of, manager of, employee of, director, competitor, customer, investor and more.
* Improved the Marriage & Divorce dialog to allow more than one religious and civil marriage per family.
* New fields for the family line such as no more children, possibly more children and to be completed.
* New fields for the officiator (priest, rabbi, reverend, …) of a baptism and marriage.
* New field for the occupation termination (still working, end of contract, quit job, fired, retirement).

* Minor improvement for the page layout to display the printing area on the screen with the pages.
* Fixed the sorting of families when the marriage date is unknown, adding new relationships such as engagement and separation, engagement and decease, cohabitation and separation and more.
* Privacy filter to optionally remove all emotional relationships.
* Modified the dialogs to create a ‘copy on write’ for shared records (pictures, places, contacts).
* This beta has many changes. Over 180 source files have been modified since Beta 14b.
* New button in registration dialog for the academic evaluation key allowing students to use GenoPro at home at no cost for a full session.

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