GenoPro Version 2.b15b (Beta)

December 23, 2005

GenoPro version 2.b15c is now available.. GenoPro is a Windows genealogy program oriented towards graphically representing your family ( through the use of charts, reports, etc.). The main changes in this pre-release beta are the privacy filters were replaced with a simpler interface (long explanation, see link below), child ordering changed to be automatically computed by date of birth or user-defined list, and a DataLevel field was added, that determines how much data is available for each object (individual, family, etc.).


– Removed privacy filters. Replaced with simpler interface. See Problems using the Privacy Filter for details.
– Replaced the field child number by family rank. The family rank is computed from the date of birth or from a list defined by the user.
– Added the option to change the spouse order if the marriage date is unknown.
– Added a new field, DataLevel, to determine how much data is available in each object. The DataLevel may be useful to generate report, by excluding individuals and families with little useful data.


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