GenoPro Version 2.b15b (Beta)

GenoPro version 2.b15 has been released. GenoPro is a Windows genealogy program oriented towards graphically representing your family ( through the use of charts, reports, etc.). This version includes cosmetic improvements to the menus and toolbars, as well as Legend symbols. There are also improvements in regards to SVG, and a new function in marking selected individual(s).

Full List of Updates:

* Beta 15b: Cosmetic improvements (menus with icons & new toolbar icons).
– Legend Symbols for genograms, family relationships and emotional relationships.
– Improvement to the SVG generator /w built-in gzip data compression.
– Built-in mechanism to flip the y-coordinates of all objects. This is useful for generating SVG.
– The registration dialog is now proxy-aware.
– Function to mark selected individual(s) as deceased.

Beta 15a Changes

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