GenSmarts 1.09.15

May 3, 2006

GenSmarts 1.09.15 is now available. GenSmarts is the “Genealogy Research Advisor” for Windows, and it does just that – it reads in your genealogy data and then suggests records and other avenues that should be searched. For instance, if you don’t have census information about somebody that was alive during the 1920 census, GenSmarts will list that as a record that should be searched (it also generates a “to-do” list of records to be searched, allowing you to check them off when you have searched them). This version fixes a few bugs and and adds some new research records.

If you are unsure of what version you have, please check this page.

What’s New
– Added 1841 UK/Scotland census – Ancestry/ScotlandsPeople
– Added free online Missouri Deaths
– Fixed rare bug in importing FTM parent/child relationships
– Fixed bug in importing FTM census facts
– Added detection for Norton bug that hangs GenSmarts
– Improved usability when filters result in no suggestions
– Added Free BMD (UK) access
– Improved phrasing of sibling based suggestions


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