GRAMPS 2.2 Development

Work on GRAMPS 2.2 started a few weeks ago. Version 2.2 represents quite a few changes and additions to GRAMPS, the open-source genealogy software program for Linux (and *BSD, Mac OS X, and soon Windows if people are willing to spend the time to port it).

For information on how easy it is to port to other platforms, and to see screenshots of it running under windows, please refer to this GRAMPS blog post.

Among the changes to the 2.2 series of GRAMPS:

User’s Perspective:
* Adding Repositories
* Allowing Events to be shared
* Looking into a Map view
* Improving the user interface
* And many more things…

Developer’s Perspective:
* Moving to a cleaner, plugin system for views that communicate through a cleaner interface
* Enhancing the database schema for faster performance of searches
* Removing dependencies on older GNOME libraries, which should make it easier to port to other platforms
* Adding atomic commits for greater reliability
* And more stuff to come…

GRAMPS 2.2 Map View

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