GreatFamily 2.2

GreatFamily 2.2 has been released. Graphically design your family tree and generate web pages in a snap. This easy-to-use program approaches family tree making from the user’s point of view. This is a free upgrade for existing users, $29.95 if your a new customer. This upgrade includes a large number of new features.

New Features:

    * Unique web viewer – Visualize your family tree on the web exactly the way you have designed it. We believe this may be the first family tree web report of its kind. [See a sample]
    * Integrated family browser: Browse your family in design time using a small web browser. A neat and useful navigational tool.
    * Database list view: Easily search and sort all persons in the tree.
    * Personalize look and feel: Choose colors and fonts. Color templates are included.
    * Improved HTML report: Now includes image galleries.
    * Report birthdays: List persons by their birthday or birth date.
    * GEDCOM date selector: Use the date selector to ensure correct GEDCOM formatting.
    * Improved print preview: Preview the tree exactly the way it will be printed.
    * Configurable document folders: A better way to organize your family files.


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