HtmlPedigree has been released. HtmlPedigree is a new computer program that produces web pages from genealogical data in a GEDCOM file. The web pages combine hyperlinked textual information with an interactive chart pedigree.

Example Web Site

Requires:Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/NT 4.0/Me/XP


    1. The program now allows complete control of the wording used in the web pages, to the extent that users can customise it to produce web pages in languages other than English. The customised settings can either be stored as new default values for the program, or else saved to the user’s hard disc for future use. The web pages specify the language used, so that this can be detected by search engines.
    2. The search facility can now be used on websites whose language has been customised. The search facility has also been modified to make it easier to use with new sites. (Existing search links will continue to work.)
    3. Dates of marriage (or of similar events) are shown in the chart pedigree and in index entries for families.
    4. Background images can now be specified for the text pages and for the chart pedigree.
    5. If non-standard options need to be used for concatenation and continuation lines in the GEDCOM file, these can be reset after the data have been read in, rather than having to be specified before the file is read.
    6. If the name of the GEDCOM file has been changed, so that it no longer matches the name specified within the file, the program will now correctly copy and link to the file, if required.
    7. An option has been added to omit all non-standard GEDCOM tags.
    8. The browser-detection script has been modified to present the framed text version to some minority browsers which simulate Mozilla but cannot display the chart pedigree correctly (Safari and OmniWeb). Additional links have been added to improve navigation of the text pages by browsers with JavaScript disabled. A JavaScript problem introduced in version affecting some very old browsers (Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, versions 4 and earlier) has been corrected.
    9. The program should not now display duplicate icons for the same linked file. For users who wish to customise the JavaScript that determines how linked files are displayed, there is now the option of placing the modified script in a separate file so that it will be retained during future upgrades.
    10. Some other minor improvements and corrections.

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