IT Reviews: GSP – Who Do You Think You Are Deluxe Edition

Family Tree Maker - Who Do You Think You Are
Note: This is a re-branded version of Family Tree Maker for the UK market.

IT Reviews has published a review of GSP’s Family Tree Maker – Who Do You Think You Are? Deluxe Edition. It’s interesting, considering that it’s a site not known for reviews of genealogy software. This is “GSP’s tie-in to the hugely successful and surprisingly good BBC TV show, the one that saw the occasional celebrity who you’d heard of go and trace their roots. ”

They had two complaints – one, that you felt like you were just entering data into another database, and the second, that the software pulls you into subscribing to, and that you have to register online with your name and email address to access certain content.

Their complaint:

So we clicked on one of the search results, and a further problem emerges. The Web element is where the subscription kicks in, and the program does include a free month with the admittedly-excellent site, which is worth a tenner.

Only if you don’t have a credit card, you’re stuffed. Now to be fair to GSP, they do warn you of this on the box, but that doesn’t make it much easier to stomach. To even get to the Web search you have to register, and to get full access to the search results you have to hand over your plastic. Surely it’s not just us that find this troublesome?

Their verdict:

This is an unpolished package, the main highlight of which is available elsewhere for a third of the price.

GSP – Family Treek Maker – Who Do You Think You Are? Delux Edition – website.

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