Legacy Family Tree 6.0 is Now Available

Legacy Family Tree 6.0 is now available for download/purchase.

For a full listing of what’s new, you can read this page, but here’s a brief rundown of some of the major new features:


    * A Forms Center that will be updated over time, either by Millenia or by third parties.
    * Better research guidance – including timeline reviews (to make sure there aren’t any missing gaps), suggestion of sources that might have been overlooked, prioritization and to-do lists, as well as other research features.
    * Better timeline and chronology reports, in regards to placing your ancestors in a historical context.
    * Potential problems list – basically what it says – it alerts you to any potential problems with information concerning individuals.
    * Global US county verification – checks your data against verified county information, to make sure that individuals aren’t listed in counties that didn’t exist at various times.
    * DNA Handling – marker tests.
    * Better book reports and publishing center – you can now combine one or more reports into a book format, and book formatting is more customizable.
    * Soundex Code lookup from the Soundex Calculator – (Tools > Soundex Calculator). When a Soundex code has been generated, you can click the Search Name List button to create a list of all the surnames in your family file with the same Soundex code.
    * Better RTF handling, including picture embedding


    Standard Edition is Free
    Deluxe Edition – $29.95 Download, $39.95 plus shipping for book and CD

Upgrade from Legacy 5.0 Deluxe Edition – $21.95.

Pocket Genealogist was updated this week to handle Legacy v6.0

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