LifeLines 3.0.44 (beta)

LifeLines beta 3.0.44 has been released. LifeLines is a genealogy program to help with your family history research. Its primarily strengths are its powerful scripting language and the ability easily import and export information in the GEDCOM format.

Note (from the official site): This is a beta release. It fixes some existing bugs, and does not introduce any new bugs, as far as we know; but it has not yet been tested over a fair course of time. .

SourceForge.Net Project Page and Official Site

Bug fixes in 3.0.44:
* Fixed browing to family (for empty & non-traditional families)
* Remove keytonod record ASSERT which is firing
* Fixed some memory leaks

Bug fixes in 3.0.43:
* Fixed some memory leaks
* ASSERT failures browsing from family to individual

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