The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 5.0.1

The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding version 5.0 has received its first update (version 5.0.1). The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding© (“TNG”) is a powerful way to manage and display your genealogy data on the Internet, all without generating a single page of HTML. Instead, your information is stored in MySQL database tables and dynamically displayed in attractive fashion with PHP (a scripting language). Version 5.0.1 is based on bugs users reported during the first week or so of the Version 5.0 release.

It includes minor changes to almost 50 different files. Most are fixes for bugs reported by various users during the first week of 5.0’s release. There are also 1 or 2 very minor enhancements.


    * Dates & Anniversaries page was showing living information, even if you weren’t logged in (fixed).
    * Instructions for Nuke users added to historytemplate.php.
    * Link at the bottom of “Show Repository” screen to display additional linked sources was invalid (fixed).
    * Some e-mail functions were not compatible with alternate character sets (fixed, although some issues remain).
    * The new lines added to genstyle.css for 5.0 contained a small error. the entry for “lightlink3” contained an erroneous reference to “lightlink2:active”. That should also say “lightlink3:active” (fixed for new installs).
    *Passwords for new registrations were being entered into the database unencrypted (fixed).
    * Remaining photos were out of sequence when some were converted to documents or headstones (fixed for future operations).

Other Updates/Fixes

    * A Javascript error on the Edit Photo page prevented many functions from working.
    * Photos associated with cemeteries were not being displayed correctly, and access to them was limited (fixed).
    * Editing a repository resulted in a parsing error (fixed).
    * Headings for custom SQL reports were not displayed correctly (fixed).
    * A SQL error on the Dates & Anniversaries page was causing invalid results for family events (fixed).
    * The image map feature was including an extra “?” in the generated links (fixed).
    * The Admin headstone lookup feature was not always displaying accurate results (fixed).
    * The security module (checks if you’re logged in) was incorrectly passing POST variables when a login was not required. This caused invalid results on some subsequent pages (fixed).
    * The e-mail address on the Statistics page was displaying as a regular page link (fixed).
    * Various minor issues with the Suggest feature were fixed.
    * Thumbnails with special characters in the file names were not being displayed correctly on the What’s New page (fixed).
    * When more than the max number of records were found on the Dates & Anniversaries page, links to subsequent pages were invalid (fixed).
    * When more than the max number of records were found on the Browse Documents page, links to subsequent pages were invalid
    * The words “State” and “Country” (Add/Edit Cemeteries) were not language-independent (fixed).
    * The Admin Notes window could display HTML content (fixed).
    * The Nuke Add-on file “begin.php” was updated to facilitate the tentative edit feature under Nuke.
    * The Nuke Add-on file “EXAMPLE-config.php” was updated for 5.x.
    * Citation numbers after notes were being displayed after a line break, not at the end of the content (fixed).
    * Cemetery photos were not being displayed on the “show headstone” page (fixed).
    * Grid lines have been added to the “Photos”, “Documents” and “Histories” sections of the individual page.
    * Format of the “Show (cemetery) Map” page changed to match other headstone listings.
    * Links for headstones not linked to an individual were not working (fixed).
    * The Utilities features (backup/optimize/restore) were missing some tables (fixed).
    * The Auto Refresh link on the Show Log page was not Nuke-compatible (fixed).
    * The number of lines visible for the history creator (Add/Edit History) was increased.
    * Reports on some custom event types were not working (fixed).
    * Indexes on notes tables were missing, causing a significant slowdown in the import when a high number of notes were involved (fixed).

Language Files
A few minor changes have also been added to the language files, and a new language has been added as well: Afrikaans.

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