The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 5.0.5

The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 5.0.5, a small update, is now available for download (for registered users). The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding© (“TNG”) is a powerful way to manage and display your genealogy data on the Internet, all without generating a single page of HTML. Instead, your information is stored in MySQL database tables and dynamically displayed in attractive fashion with PHP (a scripting language).

The author believes that TNG version 5 has reached a significant degree of stability with the 5.0.5 release, considering the small number of fixes, and just what the fixes are. (I’m inclined to agree — Doug).

Among the changes: A small number of text messages were added – these will be added to the alternate language packs in the near future.


    1. Surname counts included living individuals even when living individuals were screened out, resulting in some minor confusion (fixed).
    2. Suggestions submitted using the “Suggest” tab must now have something entered in both the Name and Comments fields.
    3. Some place searches with more than one page of results were displaying inaccurate counts for the total number of results (fixed).
    4. Several problems related to branches and branch relabeling were fixed.
    5. The Advanced Search, when used with “Other Events”, was displaying duplicate names if an individual matches multiple search criteria (fixed).
    6. Suggestions submitted using the “Suggest” tab would fail if the suggestion was too long (fixed).
    7. The GEDCOM tab was appearing on the “Show Headstone” page even if GEDCOM downloads were blocked (fixed).
    8. Documents and photos were not being properly renumbered and sorted if any them were reclassified (ie, photo becomes a document) (fixed).
    9. The Find button for places did not work when editing an existing event (fixed).
    10. Browser detection algorithm was incorrectly detecting Safari 2.0 as Netscape 4, causing improper display of several charts (fixed).

Developer’s Note: The change made in 5.0.4 to distinguish from standard English alphabet characters and other
similar characters has been rescinded, since it made searching for many become case sensitive. The conventions put in place for that change are still there, however, so if you liked the 5.0.4 change, you can have it back by changing the “binary” line near the top of globallib.php from this:

    $binary = “”;

    to this:

    $binary = “binary”;

I (Darrin Lythgoe) am also working on a handful of other small issues, including the fact that the Advanced Search page does not work if you have too many custom event types defined. If you notice that happening on your site, let me know and I can tell you what to do.

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