PathWiz! 6.0 Released

December 3, 2005

PathWiz! 6.0, the exhibit manager for The Master Genealogist (a Windows genealogy application), was released this week. PathWiz! has been translated to Dutch, German, and Norwegian. It retails for $20 USD (see bottom of page for details on the demo).

Release Notes:

PathWiz! is an exhibit management tool which allows you to access a The Master Genealogist (TMG) project and manipulate and catalogue information attached to exhibits (graphical images and other files) stored anywhere on your local PC or Network.

If you are changing computer storage arrangements or sending your backup (sqz) files to a chart printing service you may wish to consolidate all the required image files into one folder. In addition, the ability to directly edit the Topic, Reference and Description fields of a list of related exhibits (for example – External Images attached to persons) from one screen with the ability to see the actual images (provided they are available). On the way a ‘Comprehensive Exhibit Catalogue’ may be produced or printed – effectively an inventory of all exhibits showing a picture of each available image along with all of the details pertaining to it. This can be of All, Only Primary or Missing Exhibits for a person or group of persons.

* Exhibit Catalogues are now available in website HTML format (see a small example) – for use on your own PC with links to open the original exhibits (provided they are available on that PC) from within your browser – or for use on the WWW with e.g. an option to exclude exhibits attached to Living Persons.

* A number of other options are also available.

* The new PicView is a convenient picture viewer that can be opened in PathWiz! to show details of image files in any chosen folder on your PC or on a Networked PC – a CSV file with the details of images in the chosen folder may also be created

* View accented TMG allows you to open TMG from within PathWiz! to view persons that have at least one exhibit attached, highlighted by a TMG accent – particularly useful in Picklist and Project Explorer.

* IDRange: You can now filter for person exhibits attached to a specific range of TMG Person ID numbers, making it possible to print and/or edit exhibits for just one person or a limited group of persons at a time.

* Step 4 now also allows you to include All exhibit types at once – which can also be filtered by IDRange, ‘Missing Only’ and/or ‘Primary Only’ – in reports and for easier modification in [View/Modify].

* Added a printer setting facility for reports to accommodate US letter size as well as A4 size.

* Fixed a bug that was causing an error in the messages during a [Commit] sequence under specific circumstances.

After careful consideration the following changes have also been made in Version 6:

* The exhibit number as it exists in TMG will not be changed by PathWiz! version 6 and later.
* Since exhibit display reordering has also been introduced in TMG Version 6 after the routines for PathWiz! were written, that capability has been removed from PathWiz! In all other respects PathWiz! will continue to operate as advertised.

You can view features and a chart showing the differences between the retail and demo version here


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