PathWiz! 6.1.0

December 22, 2005

PathWiz!, an exhibit manager for the Windows genealogy application The Master Genealogist was updated to version 6.1.0. Besides being available in English, it has been translated to Dutch, German, and Norwegian. It sells for $20 USD, and there is a demo available. This is a free upgrade for PathWiz! 6.x users (you’ll receive an email with instructions).

Among the changes, internal image and text exhibits can be extracted and saved seperately, several CSV output improvements, as well as a few bug fixes and other minor changes.

New and changed features at user requests:

– Internal image and text exhibits can now be extracted and saved to the disk as a self-contained file.
– TMG ID up to 10 digits now accommodated in all situations.
– Principal 1 TMG No’s are now shown on Event exhibits details in reports.
– Sorting by Principal 1 in reports reflects ID No not the name.
– CSV output file rows are now pre-sorted by TMG ID.
– CSV sort always indicated on Report Options Screen as by TMG ID.
– CSV output file column headings more readable.
– Filtered report options screen can now be re-entered without having to reselect and [Process] the same filter.

Other Changes:
– Process button on Step5 moved to right ( ready for a new next release feature )
– Other detail changes to form operation.

Bug Fixes:
– CSV output enabled
– MSWord and CSV Reports generated to the correct folder.
– TMG ID in [View/Modify] corrected when an older dataset is being used.
– Duplicated Caption entries in HTML reports fixed.


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