Personas 0.8

Personas 0.8 is now available.. Personas is an open-source genealogy program based on the GenTech Genealogical Data Model from the National Genealogical Society. This is referred to as PersonasConsole version 0.8


This release adds classes of the Dates subsystem. Various calendar systems (Gregorian, Hebrew, Islamic, Iso, Julian) are derived from the Calendar class. A point date for each calendar system is represented by classes derived from PointDate (e.g. GregorianPointDate). Internally, a PointDate holds a string representation of the recorded date, the date’s representation in terms of month, day, and year, and also an absolute date (the number of days since Gregorian day 1). A Date class uses the Calendar and PointDate classes to represent a specific date or date range. The Date class is used throughout the model to represent dates entered into the system. This release only implements the Gregorian PointDate class.


16 new files are added. The sample Activity and Source instances are extended to include Date representations.

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