PhpGedView 3.3 (1st Alpha)

PhpGedView 3.3 has entered it’s first Alpha release. PhpGedView parses GEDCOM 5.5 genealogy files and displays them on the internet in formats and charts that you are familiar with. It is also allows relatives to edit their genealogy online and collaborate together on their research.

Note: You should not use this release in a production environment.

Official Site and Page

Among the new features of the 3.3.x series:

    * Female married name search.
    * Media database upgrades.
    * Added link consistency when moving files.
    * Better media management
    * Added Alive in Year page, helps in census searches
    * Better location handling
    * Added longing for search actions
    * Better thumbnail handling
    * Added Unaccepted Changes Block and Pending Approval Block
    * Added Most Viewed People Block
    * Changed layout of individual page to be cleaner by using menus and filling up the white space

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