PhpGedView 4.0 beta 7

Another beta for PhpGedView, the seventh this time (and perhaps the final?). PhpGedView is an online genealogy program that utilizes PHP, MySQL, etc., in order to allow collaboration between multiple researchers/genealogists over the internet. You can edit all of the information available, as well as add to it, you can create privacy restrictions (logins required, information of living individuals restricted, etc.). You can download and test it here.

Updates/Developer’s Note:

There are many significant changes and improvements in version 4.0. The most notible change is that version 4.0 no longer includes support for the built-in index mode. This means that version 4.0 requires that you use one of the supported SQL databases. We will continue to maintain the 3.3.x releases for continued support of index mode until PHP 5.x with built-in SQLite is more broadly available.

Version 4.0 also includes enhanced web services developed in partnership with students from Neumont University.

What’s New/Updated/Fixed
* Note: This doesn’t just apply to beta 7, but covers 4.0 in general. It appears this is the final beta before the release.
– Ability to upload and download Zipped GEDCOM files
– Faster calendar and date functions
– Enhanced user management
– Improved administration and configuration changes
– New Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex search
– Many new editing options including a much improved Quick Update form
– More support for Jewish Dates
– New PDF reports
– New Descendancy Booklet option on Descendancy chart
– Updated individual page
– More types of favorites
– SOAP based web service
– Ability to link people across different GEDCOMS and PGV websites
– Enhanced multi-media support

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