Retrospect-GDS 2.0 (beta 8)

Retrospect-GDS 2.0 beta 8 is now available. This will be the last beta version before the final production release. Retrospect-GDS is a web application for displaying genealogical information. The design of the application is modular so that new features can be added easily. A template system is included to make it easy to modify the look and feel. Many popular genealogy reports are available in both HTML and PDF formats. Retrospect-GDS also supports multiple languages.

Requires: PHP 4.3.0, Web Server, Database (MySQL 3.x, MySQL 4.x, PostgreSQL 7.x, Microsoft SQL (all versions), Oracle 11i (probably other versions as well), or SQLite)

From the developer’s site:

I’ve done a lot in this release to reduce the complexity of the software and to make it easier to install and modify. To accomplish this I ditched the old language translation functionality in favor of something a lot simpler. It is now possible for anyone to create or modify the language translation files without the need for special knowledge or software. We’re already up to seven languages, and I hope the new simplicity will encourage more people to submit new translations.

I also completely re-wrote the installer in this version. You now have to edit the config.php file by hand instead of filling out a form, but this really simplifies the installation. A lot of people were confused by the old installer. I modeled the new installer after the WordPress “5 Minute Installation”.

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