Retrospect-GDS 2.0.2

Retrospect-GDS 2.0.2 has been released. Retrospect-GDS is a web application for displaying genealogical information. The design of the application is modular so that new features can be added easily. A template system is included to make it easy to modify the look and feel. Many popular genealogy reports are available in both HTML and PDF formats. Retrospect-GDS also supports multiple languages.

Developer’s Note:
2.0.2 is out and contains several bug fixes as well as a couple of new features requested by the community. There are two main enhancements in 2.0.2. The first is that commenters can now embed links within comments using simple wiki-like syntax. The second is that you can now upgrade existing installations of Retrospect-GDS without having to re-import your data (and lose all your comments, etc). The installer will detect an existing installation and will ask if you want to do an upgrade or a fresh installation.


    * Fixed slight color problem in summerbreeze template header
    * Fixed column to narrow for individual notes on family page
    * Add ability to add links to comments
    * New installer and upgrade options
    * Fixed auto path detection
    * Fixed a few small display problems in the admin module
    * Fixed “sinking menu” problem in IE and Opera
    * Fixed search timeout when doing a name search and nothing was entered in either of the text boxes
    * Removed obsolete strings from all language files

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