Retrospect-GDS 2.0.3

Retrospect-GDS 2.0.3 has been released. This is mainly a bug fix release, although a new introduction module has been added (which can replace the default surname intro page). Retrospect-GDS is a web application for displaying genealogical information. The design of the application is modular so that new features can be added easily. A template system is included to make it easy to modify the look and feel. Many popular genealogy reports are available in both HTML and PDF formats.


* Added a new Intro module, which can be used as the default page instead of the surname list. There is no admin interface to update the content of the Intro page. Instead, you just need to edit the intro.tpl file in the templates directory. Thanks to Eirik Stavem for coming up with this idea.
* Replaced a bunch of the graphic files for the pedigree charts because the old ones were not being displayed correctly in Internet Explorer.
* Corrected a problem with the Coppermine gallery plugin. Results were being returned for individuals that did not actually have any images associated with them.
* Changed the behavior of the Multimedia tab (only available when a gallery plugin is active). It is now only visible if there are images associated with the individual.

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