RootsMagic 3 is now Available.

The RootsMagic Website has now been updated for RootsMagic 3. You can download the RootsMagic 3 demo from their download page. The demo is limited on numbers of records you can create, as well as a few other feature limitations.

You can also purchase or order RootsMagic 3 at this time. The CD version and download version cost the same ($29.95).

RootsMagic 3 is directly supported by GenSmarts as well as Pocket Genealogist (version 2.96, due out this coming weekend – the 2.96e pre-release/public beta supports RM3 right now).

Among the new and updated features listed:

    * View 5 or 6 generations at once on the pedigree view
    * View 2 through 7 generations at once on the descendant view
    * Back up directly to CD
    * Resize edit and search dialogs to see as much information as you want
    * Select toolbar button style
    * Video tutorial included on CD
    * Automatically link dragged people into the other database
    * See a person’s age at every event on their edit page
    * Add private events that you can suppress from printing or exporting
    * Add private notes that you can suppress from printing or exporting
    * Display relationships to root person on status bar
    * Make shareable CDs to give to others, with custom menu and a read-only version of RootsMagic
    * Select the size of pictures in narrative reports (books)
    * Include pictures in narrative reports printed to rich text (RTF) files

    * Print color coding in pedigree charts, group sheets, box charts, narrative reports, wall charts, ahnentafel, descendant list, and timelines
    * Easily merge duplicate sources from the master source list
    * Add a source to multiple people at once
    * Easily make a copy of a source
    * GenSmarts integration to get research suggestions from inside RootsMagic
    * Add GenSmarts suggestions to your RootsMagic to-do list with one click
    * Direct PAF import (versions 2.x and later)
    * Direct Family Origins import (versions 4 and later)
    * Direct Family Origins backup import (versions 5 and later)

Requirements: Windows 95+ or Windows NT 4.0+
Cost: $29.95 ($19.95 upgrade for previous RootsMagic users)

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