RootsMagic 3.2.1

RootsMagic 3

The popular Windows genealogy software, RootsMagic 3 has been updated to version 3.2.1. Among the changes, a character map has been added to the SourceWizard, various UI updates, better priting, better Family Tree Maker important, better searches, and other fixes/updates.

What’s Changed:
* Added character map to SourceWizard
* “Add to todo list” button added to problem list
* “Merge” button added to place list
* “Online Map” button added to place list
* Individual list report (Reports > Lists > Individual list) supports color code printing
* Improvements to FTM import
* Fixed internet search
* Large pictures (pixel wise) now print in group sheets
* IGI search: auto-login works again
* IGI search: you can add parents or spouses you find in a search
* IGI search: better handling of “film” sources
* GEDCOM export doesn’t crash with full length place note anymore
* Alternate names can now print in wall charts
* Alternate name dates now supported in GEDCOM import / export
* Ages over 120 years don’t display on edit screens
* Multimedia list: selected people works for family and event media now

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