RootsMagic v3 – UK Edition

September 8, 2005

The RootsMagic v3 UK Edition is available through S&N Genealogy Supplies. This is the same as the US edition feature wise, with the addition of a UK spellchecker and UK content (Standard and Platinum editions).

There are three editions available:
* RootsMagic v3 UK Platinum Edition (£49.95) – Same as the “Standard” UK Edition, plus:

    * Changes of name CD 1760–1901 (UK and Ireland)
    * General Armory of England, Scotland and Ireland 1894 (Encylopaedia of Heraldry)
    * English and Welsh Landowners 1873
    * Scottish Landowners 1872–1873

* RootsMagic v3 Standard UK Edition (£34.95) – Same as the “Basic” UK Edition, plus:

    * £250-worth of S&N Census vouchers.
    * 6 million name index
    * Bartholemew’s UK Atlas 1898
    * On 3 CD’s with a printed ‘quick start’ manual.

* RootsMagic v3 Basic UK Edition (£21.95)

    The RootsMagic Basic UK Edition is a cut-down, single-CD version of the standard and does not include any of the bonus content included on RootsMagic Standard or RootsMagic Platinum Edition.

You can compare them here (, as well as see the feature listing here (

The UK edition is only available through S&N Genealogy Supplies.


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