Second Site 1.9 (Preview Release)

This is from a few weeks ago, but if your using Second Site you will probably be interested. There is a version 1.9 “Preview Release”

To see the changes in 1.9, you can view the author’s chang log. The Change Log has more than 40 entries. Truth be told, most of the changes are relatively small, but most were requested by Second Site users so there is a good chance you’ll like some of them.

Developer’s Notes:

    Unfortunately, there are so many changes that users may have to adjust existing site definitions to make them work properly after upgrading. Unlike the previous upgrades to Second Site, the program can not automatically make all the requisite changes to the properties in an SDF file to keep the output completely consistent with the previous version.

    Second Site Version 1.9 has been in development approximately 6 months. Beta testers have been testing the program all during that time. As a result, there should be no glaring problems. If you join the Preview Release program, you can evaluate the new version and if it meets your requirements, you are free to use it to update your web site or CD project.

Please read this page for adjusting existing sites for 1.9. Information for joining this program can be found there as well.

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