Second Site Version 1.9 (Build 2)

Second Site Version 1.9 (Build 2) has been released by John Cardinal. Second Site allows you to publish your genealogy data generated by The Master Genealogist on the web. This is a free upgrade for existing users. For information about new features contained within Version 1.9, please see the Second Site Newsletter #22.


* Added the Names.Ignore SortSurname and SortGiven property
* Added Swedish to the Language.Sort Sequence pull-down menu

* Fixed a problem where the [EMAIL:][:EMAIL] codes were not working
* Fixed a problem where pronouns were appearing improperly if the subject was referenced by a [R:rolename] variable
* Fixed a problem where the parent sentence was not sorted properly when BMDB First is checked
* Fixed a problem where the e-mail subject (context) was not set properly when clicking the compiler’s name on chart and chart list pages
* Fixed a problem where the there was no comma separating the citation reference number for an embedded citation from the citation reference numbers for the citations attached to the tag if the embedded citation was at the end of the sentence output
* Fixed a problem where international characters such as ä did not appear properly when used in the Gender Strings properties

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