Site Update: March 8, 2008

We are getting back in the swing of things, and working on overhauling the site (as if you can’t tell).

Two of the first things we are working on forums for discussing genealogy software, and a weekly newsletter revolving around genealogy software – news, tips, how-to’s, etc.

We are also working on updating the entire site content-wise and moving everything over from Genealogy Software Guide.

This will be taking place over the next few weeks. As such, you may notice some downtime here and there, or things may look a little bizarre – just hit your browser’s refresh – it’s just us changing the template around.

– There will be broken links here and there. We are aware of them and are working through them.
– There are probably going to be about 40-50 stories pop up from 2007. The person who was maintaining the site was using an email publishing setup and it while it was uploading the stories, they weren’t getting published. We don’t know what else to do other than push them out and clear the queue (don’t want to delete them since they may still be useful for some people). So it may look like there were a lot of updates, but they are older and not new updates Anything with a 2008 update is new. 2007 = old news, just ignore.


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