Telling Stories Software Announced

Telling Stories has been announced today. It’s from, the company behind Family Tree Maker genealogy software. It retails for $29.95, or if you pick up the Deluxe version, it’s $49.95 – the Deluxe edition integrates with Family Tree Maker. Both appear to be able to import data from Family Tree Maker. It requires Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP.

Product Tour


* Import Family Members from Family Tree Maker(R) No need to start over again if you have already created you family tree.
* Use most popular digital media formats. Add photos, text, music, video, and voiceovers.
* Add web content. Integrated web search tools help you find and insert famous movie clips, songs, newspaper headlines, or photos.
* Include scannable items. The software suggests and helps scan mementos — maps, ticket stubs, diplomas, marriage licenses, birth
certificates and articles.
* Share cherished presentations. The software creates a moving presentation of your storyline with videos, background music and
voiceover tracks, which can be output to DVD, CDROM, sent via email or posted to the web or even played on smart mobile phones.

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