The Master Genealogist v6.05

October 31, 2005

The Master Genealogist v6.05 is now available from Wholly Genes, Software. The Master Genealogist (TMG) is a Windows genealogy application. Version 6.05 is free for existing customers, but it does require v6.00 of TMG. To install the update, from within TMG 6.0+, select the “Help” menu and then select “Check for an update”, or you can select the “Check for a Program Update” option from the TMG’s Start Menu grouping. The update will then install, and a restart of TMG will be required.

* Tag Entry – A warning now occurs if, when saving the Tag Entry screen, the style assignment for an existing place could be changed.
* GEDCOM export – The links for most external exhibit types directly supported by the Exhibit Log, including text files and PNG files, will be exported to GEDCOM.
* Slideshow Manager – When an exhibit is added to the SSM from the Exhibit Log, the text in the Caption field will be copied to the Description field of the slideshow frame.
* DNA Log – The Relative Genetics templates and URLs were updated. Relative Genetics has added markers for all three or their tests. If you have recorded Relative Genetics data, you need to check to make sure that the data is recorded in the correct fields.


* Tag Entry

    – It was possible under some circumstances for a citation to be accidentally deleted by either (a) entering a citation by clicking or double-clicking the blue bar in the empty Tag Entry citation field or (b) clicking into an empty Tag Entry citation field and entering a citation using F3 or (c) clicking on an empty “Source for this source” field in the Source Definition Screen and adding a citation using F3 or CTRL+F3.
    – A situation could occur where the Details window and Project Explorer each had a different focus and a new tag would end up linked to the wrong person.
    – A second primary Marriage tag could be created by editing a second existing Marriage tag which only had one spouse specified and adding the second spouse.
    – Memo and Sentence fields – Some newer variables missing from the right-click menus were added.
    – If you added an embedded citation to a memo, and while doing so added a new source, with a new repository, the program froze when you tried to close the Source Defintion screen.
    – Add/Edit Witness screen – The ‘click-area’ for the Role selection box was revised.
    – If you opened the Tag Entry screen, added one or more witnesses, clicked [Tag Type] and edited the tag type, saved the tag type, saved and reopened the tag, the added witness(es) were missing.
    – When the Citation window was open, it was possible to click on a specific part of the Tag Entry window causing it to come to the front and not allowing you to return to the Citation screen.

* Details window – Other Info box – The Last Edited date was not updated for both principals on shared tags and for all linked persons when a child was added.
* Edit – Find a person – The behavior of the various sub-windows was standardized.
* Add Person

    – When adding a son to a mother, an error could occur when selecting the father.
    – With a Dutch project using a custom name style, the Simple Picklist displayed the name for a newly added person incorrectly.

* Project Explorer

    – A child with a Child-Bio tag didn’t show in the children list under the father.
    – Changing a flag could result in a blank entry in the PE list.
    – The PE didn’t properly resort when the sort option was changed.
    – You could create a filter definition based on an empty filter selection.
    – The [Clear] button was not resetting the names selection to ‘Both’.

* Picklist

    – Saving a filter to a file did not save the names selection if other than ‘Both’.
    – A grayout could occur after accessing Cue Cards from the picklist.
    – The [Clear] button was not resetting the names selection to ‘Both’.

* Accents

    – The ‘Is not an ancestor of’ filter didn’t work.
    – A filter line could be updated without data in the value field.

* Focus Group – It was possible to add names from disabled data sets.
* Master Place List – Editing an event and adding a new person as a witness could result in the MPL closing when the event list was closed.
* Merge Projects – If an active data set in a project had a corrupted Add Person template; and you merged a project into this project, the newly added data set(s) could acquire the corrupted Add person template.
* Report Definition Screen

    – File output – Duplicate Works versions were removed.
    – Options – Tags tab – The sorting of the tag types list has been revised.

* Pedigree Chart – The ‘leading zeros’ option for dates didn’t work.
* List of… reports – Report output didn’t respect the Preferences date format setting.
* List of Events report – Some issues of showing excluded and sensitive data were fixed.
* Source Elements – Several fixes and changes were made to editing source elements.
* Exhibit Log – A problem displaying the caption at the bottom of the EL was fixed.
* Styles

    – The name style sort templates couldn’t be edited.
    – The Children/Siblings display template was being used for display on many screens where the Output display template should have been used. This has been corrected.

* GEDCOM import – Adjustments were made to import the various forms of submitter data found in GEDCOM files.
* PAF import

    – Fixed an issue of sex import and parent links
    – The sentences created for imported custom tag types were corrected.

* Fixed a variety of cosmetic or language issues.
* Fixed a handful of more obscure bugs that were reported by users.


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