The Master Genealogist v6.08.000

The Master Genealogist v6.08.000 is available from Wholly Genes Software. The Master Genealogist is a popular windows genealogy/family tree application. This version adds several major new features and improvements.

Version 6.08.000 is a free update to current v6.0 users, and does require a previous installation of v6.0 or later: To download and apply the update, run TMG, access the Help menu and choose “Check for an update.” Alternatively, you can choose “Check for a Program Update” from the Windows Start menu > The Master Genealogist group. The update will be applied automatically. Upon restarting, the startup screen will reflect a version number of “v6.08.000.”

Summary of Changes:
– Box Chart updates
– DNA Log – Additional DNA marker tests now supported
– Web or CD search for additional books
– Master Source List improvements
– Tag entry screen improvements
– Verify File Integrity improvements


Box Charts
– Box charts can now be filtered by a flag value. If a person does not meet the filter condition, then the chart will act as though that person does not exist, excluding him/her and any subsequent connected people as appropriate. The filter does not apply to the starting person.
– A new “Box fill” option allows coloring boxes by generation. Box accent colors, if any, override.

– Mitochondrial DNA tests are now supported.
– Family Tree DNA’s 59-marker test is now supported.
– DNA Heritage’s 23-marker and 43-marker tests are now supported.

Search for Digital Books.
– New buttons on the Tag Entry screen and Master Place List will search for books on CD from Archive CD Books USA regarding the selected place.
– A new option on the Web menu will access the search engine for books from Archive CD Books USA and can be filtered by any keyword.

Master Source List
– The MSL now has a column showing the number of times each source was cited (excluding embedded citations).

Tag Entry Screen
– The bottom of the tag entry screen will now display the custom sentence, if any, that is associated with each principal. (It previously only displayed one custom sentence). If a sentence structure is not displayed, it means that the principal in question uses the
default sentence structure for that Tag Type. (Advanced Data Entry mode)

Verify File Integrity
– The VFI option (File > Maintainence) has been substantially improved to audit for many more types of potential data problems. It now audits for and repairs many obscure issues which didn’t directly cause problems but which lurked under the surface. Note that it is not unusual when VFI is run for the first time under v6.08.000 that it will take a while to operate (depending on the size of the project) and it will find and fix a number of potential problems that were not previously reported. This is not a cause for concern.

There is an .RTF document available with a full list of changes/fixes.

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