The Master Genealogist v6.09

The Master Genealogist v6.09 is now available from Wholly Genes Software, according to their newsletter. The Master Genealogist is a very popular windows genealogy/family tree application, and this version is free to current 6.0.x users. This update includes bug fixes as well as new and/or updated features.

Summary of Changes:
– For a full list, download this RTF file from Wholly Genes.

– A new “Message Manager” on the Help menu is designed to improve communication to/from Wholly Genes. An “Incoming” message tab will keep you informed by Wholly Genes Software about important news, developments, critical updates, store specials, and other announcements. An “Outgoing” tab offers an easy way to upload a file (screen shot, project, etc.) to Wholly Genes. It also includes easy links to access the Wholly Genes web site or send an email to technical support.

– The Message Manager automatically checks for new messages from Wholly Genes according to a schedule as specified in File > Preferences > Program Options > Startup and Exit > Check for Messages. The default is 7 days. You can use that option to change the interval or turn off automatic checking for messages by setting the interval to zero.

– Adding Multiple Witnesses – When you select multiple witnesses using the Expanded Picklist, an optional screen has been added to confirm your selections. The new option can be turned off from File > Preferences > Program Options > Lists.

– Validate File Integrity – If ‘Search for missing external exhibits’ is selected… 1) Additional lines are added to the closing VFI messagebox to report the results of the search. 2) The same information is added to the top of the Last VFI. log (located in the project folder). 3) Any exhibit files not found are listed in Last VFI.log.

– Help files have been updated.

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