The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 5.1.0 Final

The final release of The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG) 5.1.0 is now available to current 5.x users. TNG is an online genealogy application that uses PHP and a database (MySQL for instance) to allow families to collaborate on genealogy research and viewing (the data can be updated in realtime, without having to upload anything and GEDCOM files for local use can be downloaded from this application- this is a true genealogy applications).

Developer’s Note: If you’ve already installed the [5.1.0] beta, go back… grab the 5.1.0 update for 5.0.9 or 5.1.0 beta. The issue with the TNG Nuke Add-on and the printer friendly option has been resolved (please get the 1.8.2 version of the Add-on).

This update contains a lot of new features for people who were using 5.0.9 and below. Some of the changes include better print support through out the site, more/easier control over how crawlers crawl your TNG pages, photoblock improvements (faster, excludes documents), and restored GENDEX functionality (part of an upcoming GENDEX project by the TNG author).

What’s New

* Each public page now contains a “Print” option, which will allow for better printing by displaying the same page without
the custom header and footer.
* New file tngrobots.php was added to allow site owners to use meta tags to block crawlers for various TNG pages.
* Forms that send e-mail were secured against injection attacks (but check on HTTP_REFERER that was in emergency patch has
been removed).
* If an admin user is allowed to see LDS information, the admin GEDCOM export feature will now offer a “TempleReady”
option. Selecting that option will only export those individuals who need and are eligible for LDS temple ordinances.
* Parentheses were added to queries across multiple tables to ensure correct grouping (necessary for MySQL 5.x).
* Manually-entered detail for custom events may now contain multiple lines.
* Confirmation is now required before restoring any one table.
* The possibility existed (especially with “entangled” relationships) that the same people could be listed multiple times
in one generation on the Ahnentafel report (fixed).
* Links on the RSS page to histories created by pasting text into Admin/Histories were not correct (fixed).
* In most cases, the “Last Import Date” was not showing on the What’s New page (fixed).
* Some sources were showing up more than once on the individual page (fixed).
* Random photoblock is much faster and now excludes documents.
* On individual headstone pages, the name of the cemetery is now a link to that cemetery’s page (showmap.php).
* E-mail sent by the Suggest/Contact Us page is now sent in the default language.
* If death date of an individual was earlier than the birth date, the life span 365 days too high (fixed).
* Photos where not shown on the individual page if “Show Names for Living” was set to “never”, even if the user was logged
in. (fixed).
* Multiple families could not be deleted at once (fixed).
* When searching within a specific tree, the tree ID (instead of the tree name) was being displayed at the top of the
results page (fixed).
* A few lingering “short open tags” were removed from the Admin/Users page.
* Omitting the e-mail address on the New User Registration form would cause the new user to be told that the username they
entered already existed (fixed).
* Several small HTML validation errors were fixed.
* Photos linked to sources that in turn were linked to living families were being displayed for all visitors (fixed).
* Deleting an event would not delete any associated notes (fixed).
* Diagnostics screen will no longer indicate a problem if you are using IIS or if the posix user ID does not match the
user ID reported by PHP.
* A date of “Y” will now trigger the message “Yes, date unknown”.
* The import was replacing “@@” (used by some programs to “escape” the @ sign) with “/@/” instead of “@” (fixed).
* GENDEX functionality has been restored, in anticipation of a new GENDEX-compatible utility sponsored by TNG.
* Photos and histories linked to living families were being displayed on the Family Group Sheet when the user did not have
proper rights (fixed).
* A hidden field was being displayed as a text field on the Browse Documents page if more entries existed than could fit
on one page (fixed).
* The “What’s New” page was not blanking out a session variable containing your last search criteria for photos or
headstones, causing errors if you looked at a photo from this page after doing a photo or headstone search (fixed).
* The Register and Ahnentafel reports were showing first names of living individuals in some places if “Show names for
living” was set to “Abbreviate” (fixed).

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